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Total Questions: 15
Direction (1-15): In each of these items a word has been underlined followed by words listed (1), (2), (3) and (4). Choose the appropriate word most opposite in meaning to the underlined word and mark your Answer accordingly.

Question 1 He disdained to notice the insult.
Question 2 He gave an evocative rendering of his recent poems.
Question 3 Expeditious steps should be taken to complete the work in two weeks.
Question 4 Why did you make the flippant remark?
Question 5 That is not an occasion to make an impromptu speech.
Question 6 The weavers have to do monotonous work.
Question 7 There is not a single word that is redundant in the report.
Question 8 The country's economy is beginning to look up now.
Question 9 The old man shows no signs of infirmity even though he is eighty years old.
Question 10 It needs an expert to decipher the secret message sent to the Army Officers during war time.
Question 11 Bana in Sanskrit, Lyly in English and Prasad in Hindi are celebrated for their florid style.
Question 12 My brother's zest for the new project was infectious.
Question 13 The eyewitness testimony was incontrovertible.
Question 14 His forthright behaviour shows that he is honest but he seems rude to some people.
Question 15 The minister's speech was comprehensive and was greatly appreciated.
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